NIMBO Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Our All in One Real-Time GPS Tracking System helps you keep your family safe, while creating peace of mind and protecting your property.

Vehicle theft is a common occurrence in the United States. On average a vehicle is stolen every 30 seconds, which means more than one million vehicles are stolen every year.

Our Stolen Vehicle Recovery Call Center is available 24/7, 365 for your assistance. If your vehicle is ever stolen, the call center will provide pinpoint location information to the police for ease in recovering your vehicle.


Owner Activation Kit (OAK) including:

  • Full featured quick start guide
  • Wallet service card (Call Center)
  • Card for the iPhone/iPad app & User Guide
  • Card for Registration & Activation.
  • 24/7/365 service & recovery
  • XP4000 unit can be packaged in the OAK or separately
  • 1 Year Unlimited Usage
  • 1 year of Stolen Vehicle Recovery with Call Center


  • Tow/Potential Theft notification (early warning)


  • Optional $2,500/$500 and $5,000/$1000 PPG (Sold separately)
  • Optional Y Adapter harness


  • 1st year of service included
  • Customer can locate vehicle online themselves
  • Renewable after 1 year

Mobile Web and Application Access via IPhone and IPad:

GPS vs LoJack - Whats the difference?

Right click and select "Save
Target As" to save the Owners
Guide to your computer.

Log in via the dealership website or login and track your vehicle with Iphone/Ipad App!

* Android App coming soon!