Headrest DVD Players

Car DVD headrests are replacement headrests with built in dvd players. Simply remove your original headrests and install one of our replacement DVD headrest monitor systems. For relaxing rear seat entertainment in your car, headrest dvd player monitors are the best solution!

7" Digital LED Dual DVD Headrest Entertainment System

The S7 entertainment system offers full features and superb mobile video performance. The impressive universal fitment headrest monitors come packaged with three different colored sets of interchangeable leatherette covers, in black, gray, and tan. Each system includes dual headrests each with a beautifully built-in 7" widescreen LED back-lit monitor offering exceptional picture clarity, and DVD player hidden behind the flip-open monitor. It also comes with two separate 32 video game discs with dual wireless video game controllers offering a complete state-of-the-art vehicle entertainment experience.

  • 12, 12.4, 12.7, 14, 15, and 16mm
  • Built-in Speakers - USB input / SD Card Reader
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • 2 AV Inputs / 1 AV Output
  • FM TX Range: 87.7~88.6 MHz
  • Dual Channel IR Infrared Frequency (A Ch.)(B Ch.)
  • 2 IR Wireless Headphones Included


  • LED Back-lit Technology - Resolution: 480(H) x RGB x 234(W)
  • Brightness: 400 cd/m2
  • 3- Interchangeable Color Covers in Black, Gray and Tan
  • 2- Wireless Video Game Remote Controls
  • Post Fitment Adaptors in six different sizes:

7" Dual DVD and/or iDOC HEadrest Entertainment System

Factory Matched Warranty

We have applications for many current vehicles and each system includes an Industry First Hi-Definition LCD display, tablet-look styling, capacitive touch controls instead of mechanical buttons and the ability to configure the system to meet the vehicle owner's needs, 2 matching factory headrests with integrated 7" LCD Hi-Def display, choice of media source devices, 50 video games with wireless game controller, auxiliary input for external sources, full system controls, 2-way up-down tilt, all-channel FM transmitter to play audio through the vehicles sound system and the ability to add front seat remote controls for each screen, a second auxilliary input for video game consoles, outputs for 2 additional screens and more.

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  • Modular Component Design Allows For 6 System Options:
    • Dual DVD
    • Single DVD w/ iDOC+ Media Center
    • Single iDOC+ Media Center
    • Single DVD
    • Dual iDOC+ Media Centers
    • Dual Monitors


  • Modern Tablet-Look Design & LED Backlight
  • Capacitive Touch-Controls
  • Supports iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4, 4S ,iPod Touch 4, iPod Classic (Gen 6)
  • 50 New & Improved Video Games Are Built Into Each LCD Monitor
  • Includes Wireless Game Controller
  • 2 IR Wireless Headphones Included

* Photos are used only to represent the series kit. They are not an actual representation of the make/model of your headrest